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Pattern Testers Needed

I’ve been doing a bit of research regarding pattern testers and it ends up my best bet is to put out a call on my website. When I lived in FL and was a member of my local guild, some of the guild member offered to test patterns for me, but since I’m no longer there I need a new list!

You might be asking, what do you have to offer if I test for you? Honestly, I cannot afford to pay testers nor can I afford to purchase fabric for testers. What I can do is offer you a free pattern of your choice from my shop when everything’s complete, and of course you’ll receive a copy of the final pattern that’s being tested. Also, my website gets quite a bit of traffic—averaging about 4,000 views per month and sometimes up to 10,000! If you’re starting out as a designer, you could get some exposure here as I will write a blog post featuring everybody’s work with credit to the quilters. I’ll also post your photos on Instagram and Pinterest.

What will I need from you? Test the pattern as written and give me feedback. I know from experience I’d often get ‘great pattern’ and not a lot of comments, but it does help greatly if you offer suggestions and help me clear up any errors or miscalculations, etc. Of course I’ll also need a nice photo of your finished quilt so I can post it. I’ll also ask that you don’t share the pattern and please keep it secret until it’s time to be released.

I realize pattern testers are volunteers who kindly give their time and talents. Your time is important. I will be upfront about my turnaround time expectation, which will be around 3-4 weeks. If you can’t finish, please let me know, I understand life can get in the way of our hobbies! Additionally, if you feel like your skills are better at math and numbers, maybe you’d feel more comfortable just checking my numbers to make sure everything adds up correctly.

I have a fun pattern that I’m currently working on and it will be ready for testers soon. It’s a Christmas themed throw size quilt, measuring 56″ x 66″ when complete. It consists of trees and stars and I’d rate it for a confident beginner. These saw tooth stars are in it and they’re probably the most difficult part! There are also two versions, scrappy and regular.

If you’d like to be part of my pattern testing pool, email me at deborahgehringer@gmail.com. I use this email strictly for quilting business. If you have a business email you don’t mind leaving under comments, feel free. I will not sell or use your email information ever, it’s for my purposes only. Also, you may want to let me know what your skill level is, that way I won’t ask you to test if I feel a pattern might not be suitable for you. If you do sign up and then change your mind, no worries. That’s how volunteering works.

Should you have any questions, just leave them in the comment section!

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