Mini Quilt Storage Tip / #1

As quilters, or any type of crafter, we’re always looking for ways to get and stay  organized. We all know that if we don’t have an effective system in place, fabric, rulers, notions, tools, etc. can start to pile up around us. Since keeping organized is essential, I’ve decided to blog a mini-series offering organizational tips, ideas and solutions that work for me and ones that you might want to try yourself.

The first tip I’d like to share is my solution for storing mini quilts. A lot of us love mini quilts because they’re cute and fun to make, but if you’re like me and don’t hang them on your walls, they start to accumulate. Since I only hang one at a time on my sewing room door, the others were starting to pile up.

PROBLEM: Space was limited; some would fit in my quilt cabinet and others were too big and kept getting shuffled around ending up with bent corners. I definitely needed one place for all of them.

SOLUTION: Hang them up with regular clothes hangers! It works great. You’ll notice in the photo that the width of the mini determines how far down on the hanger it hangs. The largest one I have is 19″ wide and the hanger still fits, but it probably won’t work for minis much larger.


I should note that I make my mini quilts by adding sleeves and a dowel rod as demonstrated in this video from The Fat Quarter Shop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsCkY6LK2os

If you don’t already use this method, give it a try!

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