Pumpkin & Stars Mini Quilt Tutorial

Show your festive Halloween spirit with this fun mini, or change up colors for a fresh, autumnal look.

skill level: confident beginner
materials: Variety of 2″ orange and black strips, (1) 1 ½” x ½” brown square, (1) 1 ½” x 3″ green rectangle, three fat quarters, quilt batting, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

pumpkin & stars mini quilt tutorial

Granny Square Block Tutorial


Make a petite granny square block with ease by following this photo-illustrated tutorial. Make several and create a beautiful granny square quilt!

skill level: beginner
materials: For one block: (13) 2 ½” x 2 ½” color/print squares (of variety), (2) 2 ½” x 2 ½” background squares, (2) 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” background squares, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

granny square block tutorial

How to Make Scrappy Binding


Learn how to make scrappy binding easily, step-by-step. This tutorial is full of photos and tips to help you make colorful binding for your next quilting project.

skill level: beginner
materials: 2 ½” strips of varying lengths, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

how to make scrappy binding

DIY Quilt Ladder Tutorial


Don’t you love those leaning ladders for displaying quilts? Make your own in a weekend for far less than what you’d pay retail—I made mine for under $20! Download this easy-to-follow pictorial PDF and create something beautiful for your home.

skill level: anyone comfortable with power tools and wood working
materials needed: (4) ¾” x 1 ½” x 6′ boards, wood screws, foam brush and cloth, wood stain and polycrylic protective finish or primer and latex paint, sandpaper, sanding block, mask, latex gloves, drop cloth
tools needed: jigsaw, electric drill and bits, countersink bit, palm sander, sawhorses, clamps, angle gauge, tape measure, T20 Torx screw driver, carpenter square, pencil

DIY Quilt Ladder Tutorial PDF

Corner Hanging Sleeve Tutorial


Hanging mini quilts is a must-do and having an effective method of displaying them is essential for quilters. This corner technique is so fast and easy, in no time your minis will be ready to show off!

skill level: beginner
materials needed: (2) 3″ x 3″ fabric squares, one round dowel rod, hand saw, sand paper, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

corner hanging sleeve tutorial

DIY Portable Ironing Board


Transform an everyday board into a lightweight ironing board in six easy steps! This practical DIY uses items you’ve got on hand and can be completed in less than an hour.

skill level: beginner
materials needed: plywood board, cotton quilting batting, cotton fabric to cover board, aluminum foil, wood glue, staple gun and staples, four felt pads (optional), general sewing supplies, sewing machine

DIY Portable Ironing Board

Zippered Quilt Block Pillow Cover Tutorial


Looking for a fun and decorative way to showcase your orphan blocks? Make a zippered pillow cover! It’s quick and easy enough for beginners, and it’s a great way to use some of those set aside blocks.

skill level: confident beginner
block size: 12 ½” x 12 ½” -OR- 18″ x 18″
basic materials: one quilt block, 18″ x 18″ backing, fat eighth (or scraps) for border corners, fat quarter for borders, 18″ x 18″ fusible fleece, 18″ x 18″ lightweight interfacing, 14″ zipper, 18″ pillow insert, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

zippered quilt block pillow cover tutorial

Scrappy Heart Block Tutorial


This heart block is perfect for the beginner quilter because it’s super easy and quick, but that doesn’t mean an experienced can’t quilter can have fun making it!

skill level: beginner
block size: 16 ½” x 16 ½”
basic materials: equivalent of one fat quarter of color/print fabric in at least 3″ strips or scraps for heart, one fat quarter of background fabric, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

scrappy heart block tutorial

On Point Pincushion Tutorial


Fact: Quilters need pincushions. This cutie is made from a small amount of fabric and is an adorable (and functional) addition to your sewing room.

skill level: confident beginner
finished size: 4″ square
basic materials: (25) 1 ½” color/print squares, (2) 2 ½” x 4 ½” rectangles (for backing),
pincushion filler of choice, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

on point pincushion tutorial

Matching Fabric Patterns on Quilt Backing Tutorial


Use these easy steps for neat and tidy quilt backing without taking too much additional time. This informative tutorial gets great results with just a little extra effort!

skill level: beginner
basic materials: quilt backing yardage, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

matching fabric patterns on quilt backing tutorial

DIY Design Wall Hanger


This attractive hanger is a great solution for all your design wall woes! In an afternoon your quilting projects can go from the floor to the wall—and at an economical price, too.

skill level: confident woodworking abilities
materials needed:
(1) 1″ x 3″ x 6′ select pine board; one pack of 6 – 7/8″ nickle cup hooks; wood finish; polycrylic protective finish; general woodworking tools including router & drill; various supplies such as rags, sandpaper, foam brush, etc.

DIY Design Wall Hanger

Checkered Baby Quilt


If you’re a beginner quilter, this baby quilt is a great choice because it’s precut friendly, it goes together quickly and there are no bias edges. You will also experience the ease of all your seams nesting and it’s fun to make!

skill level: beginner
finished size: 41″ x 41″
basic materials: one charm pack of color/print, one charm pack of background fabric,  3/8 yard binding fabric, 1 ¼ yards backing fabric, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

checkered baby quilt tutorial PDF

Boxed Candy Toss Quilt


Make a special somebody’s day a little sweeter with a Boxed Candy Toss quilt–or maybe treat yourself! This pattern is fun, easy-to-follow and is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced quilters. Just choose a colorful pack of 10” squares, a pack of background 10” squares and some yardage, and you’re good to go!

skill level: advanced beginner
finished size: 52″ x 71″
basic materials: one layer cake of color/print, one layer cake of background fabric, ½ yard background fabric for borders, ½ yard binding fabric, 3 ½ yards backing fabric, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

boxed candy toss tutorial PDF

Dash Into Spring Placemat


Brighten up your kitchen this spring with this fun and whimsical placemat! Dash into Spring features three butterflies fluttering among the grass and flowers underneath the sunny sky. It’s a fast and easy project; perfect for beginners and experienced quilters alike. All you need is a charm pack and two 2 1/2″ precut strips OR scraps!

skill level: beginner
finished size: 12″ x 20″
basic materials: one charm pack of color/print, (2) 2 ½” precut strips for background, one fat quarter for binding, approximately 16” x 24” piece of backing fabric, general sewing supplies, sewing machine

dash into spring placemat tutorial PDF