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Should You Cut Up Your Kona Color Card?

Instagram images of cut up Kona Color Cards got me wondering if that was something I wanted to do with mine. Was it better to leave it as is or cut it up? I needed some time to think about it, weighing two things—ease of use and storage.

While I love how the card looks in its fold-out format with all the colors in perfect order (referring to the New 340 Kona Cotton Solids Color Card), but it is cumbersome to use when trying to chose a color. However, if colors were available in individual swatches, choosing would be much easier.

The book-type card is awkward for me to store as I don’t have anywhere to stand it up in my closet due to wire shelving. That said, I have to lay it flat and I always end up putting something on top of it making it difficult to find. For me, there are only two options for storage once cut into swatches, either a divided box allowing for organization or just a plain box with everything thrown in; either way I have room to store a box and with easy access.

Overall, cutting it up would make it easier to use and store, so one afternoon while in between projects I decided it was time to take the plunge. I grabbed my ruler and rotary cutter and got down to business.


The first thing to do is to cut it into strips. I left a bit of cardboard on top so the pieces would be easier to hold since there won’t be any cardboard along the sides. Also, if I need to clip the swatches onto anything, I’ll have that little edge.

Next, cut into individual colors. This took some time! And I should mention, take breaks in between cutting. Cutting through all that cardboard does put a bit of strain on your wrist and arm (at least it did on mine).


Here’s a lovely sampling of what you get. Oh so colorful!

Lastly, what to store everything in. I am using this cute little bin temporarily. This shows just the bottom row but I cut a piece of the excess cardboard and made a divider. Eventually I’ll get something with a lid, but I’m not sure whether I’ll go with a divided box or not. I was thinking maybe an embroidery floss box might work so I’ll check that out at my local craft store next visit.


So, there you have it, 340 Kona Solid Color swatches. You may be asking yourself, should I cut up my Kona Color Card? I say yes, definitely recommended!

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